The game of hockey is simply a game. Games are meant to be played and are meant to be fun. I am a big advocate of fun. I believe the more fun a student is having the more the student is learning, and in turn, retaining. I've been to a few camps throughout my career, either instructing or attending the camp myself as a young player. I feel the players want to learn when in a positive environment. My style of teaching is that of positive reinforcement. I provide fun and motivating tactics that focus on the individual player of his or her needs. I am a firm believer in teaching kids on a personal level, I make sure our instructors are educated with our philosophy. Gagne Hockey Development will gear its program to the type of skills that kids need to learn, and want to learn. Instructors will be professional on and off the ice so that your kids will learn how the game is played today. The experience my staff and I will bring to our school will only benefit your kids. Our staff are selected based on their ability to teach skills and communicate clearly and effectively in a manner that all players of any age relate to.


Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.


Lace'em up,

Paul Gagne