Lace 'Em Up!

Gagne Hockey Development is committed to fostering the perfect conditions to help players advance their skills, on and off the ice. Once a positive learning cycle begins, players can truly thrive. We understand and use an optimal model for learning and teaching centred around our four key themes in our program philosophy: 


Our program is rooted in  positive reinforcement techniques to enhance each player's experience. It is our core belief that team building and confidence are attained through positive, supportive interactions. 


Students will focus on individual skill development and achievements using a variety of unique drills and offensive and defensive techniques, all to improve their control, agility, reflex, technique, edge, and muscle retention skills.


These hockey schools and clinics are designed to improve the players’ fundamental skills and advance their understanding of the game. Every minute on the ice is a new learning experience.


Above all, Gagne Hockey Development is all about fun. Enjoyment of the sport is a fundamental reason in why we play. There's no hockey without fun! 

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